Where is the Soccer Capital of the USA?

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World Cup fever is growing hotter and hotter around the world, and while watching has not always been associated with the US, the 2014 FIFA World Cup seems to be capturing America’s interest.  Last night’s nail-biting USA-Portugal match on ESPN scored a 9.6 rating, making it the highest-rated World Cup match ever in the US. While the world’s game is growing in popularity across America, what US city can lay claim to having the most World Cup fans? The nation’s : Washington, DC.

According to ESPN’s ratings, DC dominates the country’s World Cup ratings for the tournament as a whole.  More people watched the USA-Ghana broadcast last week in the nation’s capital than anywhere in the country, earning an 11.9 rating, followed by New York (10.2), Hartford/New Haven (10.1) and Boston (10.0). And the ratings winning streak continued with last night’s USA-Portugal match.  DC again had the highest rating (13.3) in the country, beating out Columbus (12.6), New York (12.5) and Boston (11.5).

“Washington’s international flavor makes it an obvious US city to embrace the world’s game,” Rick Miller, Vice President of Strategic Insights at Networked Insights told Forbes. Networked Insights analyzed 1.6 billion tweets, and found that the East Coast in general has more soccer fans, with cities from that coast making up 5 of the top 10 cities most interested in the World Cup. One West Coast city, Seattle, bucked the trend and ranked second.

If you’re not in DC you can still get in on the soccer watching – check out our list of best US bars to watch the World Cup.

Of course, the best place to watch this year’s World Cup is still Brazil.




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2 Comments on Where is the Soccer Capital of the USA?

  1. bjbillinger // June 25, 2014 at 4:40 pm // Reply

    Just because the TV ratings are higher means they are the soccer capital? Doubtful. Kansas City has laid claim to the soccer capital in america already. Look it up.

  2. The place with the most dedicated soccer fans? No, I'd even say fanatical — how about Amboy, CA? I wonder what their ESPN ratings would be?

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